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New York Jets: Does Andre Johnson Want Out of Houston?

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Texans superstar wide receiver Andre Johnson sounds like a man who might want out of Houston.

The veteran wide receiver said Tuesday he’s highly frustrated with the state of a franchise that went 2-14 last season. Johnson doesn’t plan to attend OTAs or an upcoming mandatory camp and is uncertain whether he wants to remain a Texan this year.

“Is this still the place for me?” Johnson asked following a media event, in which he presented the Houston Women’s Center with a $30,000 check.

The Jets still do have a need at receiver. Johnson would become a very flashy option if he hit the trade block.

I don't really view the Jets as a viable option, though. Just because a move would be sexy doesn't necessarily make it the right one. Johnson just put up a 1,400 yard season, but will be 33 years old by Opening Day. A decline is likely on the horizon at a position where it can go overnight. The Jets are trying to win in 2014, but they aren't swinging for the fences in win-now mode. Paying for Johnson's prime and getting his decline isn't really the right move in this context. Even accounting for Johnson's greater talent and less questions about issues in the locker room, it wouldn't make a ton of sense to pass on DeSean Jackson who would have cost just money and then target Johnson who will cost even more money and potentially premium Draft picks.

If all Houston could get was a third day pick, maybe this gets interested, but Johnson would probably be empty calories for a team like the Jets in a way he wouldn't for a Super Bowl or bust team.