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Geno Smith Features At Citi Kids Event

The Jets QB is doing his part for the community, taking part in the second Citi Kids Event in New York.

Steve Campbell

We have to highlight when a player goes off the tracks, however we also choose to highlight when a player makes a contribution to the community. Geno Smith will be battling for his starting spot this summer, however right now he is taking the time to concentrate on helping others.

On May 9th, Citi held its second Citi Kids event for the 2014 season. He shared his story of success with 150 New York City children from the YMCA of Greater New York at Citi Field, before throwing out the first pitch at the Mets game.

So what is the Citi Kids educational program, here is what I was sent:

Now in its sixth season, Citi Kids is an educational and motivational community-based initiative for New York City middle and high school students developed by Citi. The program highlighted the importance of financial education and saving money via Citi's Teach Children to Save initiative.

Citi Kids was launched on April 15, 2009, in conjunction with Major League Baseball's annual Jackie Robinson Day.Citi Kids' mission is to support children's development through various programs designed to instill meaningful values and knowledge that will be the groundwork for their future.

Personally I love to see any of our players getting involved in the community, so hat-tip to Geno for taking the time to do this, as soon enough he'll be football focused 24/7.