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New York Jets: Name Your Top Three Day Three Prospects

Jeremiah on Jalen action.
Jeremiah on Jalen action.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you are overwhelmingly confident a third day draftee is going to develop into a contributor, I urge you to reconsider. You are probably overconfident. Anybody taken late in the Draft has warts to his game. Inevitably, however, there will be some players who do stick in the NFL for a long time. We can guess who they might be.

The Jets selected nine players on day three. While I would not bet the ranch on any of them making it, here are the three who most intrigue me.

3. Jalen Saunders

Make no mistake. I don't think Saunders will ever be a guy who can carry an offense. I think he lacks the breakaway speed a guy of his size needs to do that. I do think he has enough speed, though, to make a difference as a return man and on offense if the coordinator can get creative. The thing that sticks out about him to me is his ability to change direction while staying at his top speed. He makes people miss. That is an attribute that will help him as a punt returner. He also might develop into a nice piece situationally on offense who can move all over the place. Maybe he can line up in the slot, in the backfield, and in motion.

2. Brandon Dixon

I haven't been able to find a ton of information on Dixon, but what little I can find intrigues me. He's big. He's strong. He's physical. He's fast. The tools are all there for him to be a great fit in this defense if everything falls into place. With the proper coaching and development, he might be a player.

1. Jeremiah George

There are two Jets draftees for whom my opinion moves in opposite directions whenever I watch them. The more I see of Dexter McDougle, the less I like. The more I watch of George, however, the more I love. He's not big. He's not that athletic. The guy just has top notch instincts. I think there's potential for him to be a special teams ace. If everything falls into place, I think he could even be more. What he lacks in physical ability, he makes up for with his smarts. Maybe he isn't the fastest guy, but you can make up for that if you can see the play developing before everybody else and start your path to the ball before the blocker knows where to go. George just has a knack for finding the cracks in blocking and slipping through them. In a true boom scenario he might even become a poor man's Luke Kuechly. I'm not expecting that, but I can see a certain scenario where things play out this way.