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Jets Players Who Might Be Replaced by the Draft

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The NFL Draft can be bad news for certain veteran players. A fresh crop of rookies are going to play positions occupied by incumbents. They might even serve as replacements. Here are some Jets who might be looking over their shoulders now.

Antonio Allen

I think Allen is a guy who might have generally been overrated in 2013. He exceeded floor low expectations. He also probably should not have been benched for the artist formerly known as Ed Reed. With that said, he really didn't do enough to prove he has a future in this league as a quality starter. His play in coverage was particularly spotty. The Jets invested a first round pick in a player who is better at doing a lot of the things Allen does well. The consensus seems to be Allen will be paired with first round pick Calvin Pryor. Isn't it possible, though, that Rex Ryan wants to pair an inexperienced rookie with a trusted veteran, Dawan Landry?

Stephen Hill

Hill was drafted as a project player in 2012. His problem right now is he was the project of a different general manager. Well that and his lack of progress as a player. The Jets taking three receivers imperils Hill's roster spot.  At this point it might be less than 50/50 he survives training camp cuts. One of the big obstacles to Hill making the team is his lack of value on special teams. If Jalen Saunders isn't one of the top three receivers, he can provide some value in the return game, making it easier to carry him as a number five receiver. Hill does not bring such value to the table. He'll either have to be one of the top three guys, or there is a real possibility he is out the door. The competition will be jam packed.

Jeremy Kerley

Kerley might not lose a ton of playing time in 2014, but this Draft could indicate the Jets are willing to move in a different direction after this year. Jalen Saunders profiles as a player who could only find success in the slot. He's too small to hold up on the outside. Jace Amaro is also probably going to see a fair share of snaps in the slot. Kerley isn't necessarily due a big raise after 2014, but paying Saunders pennies would free up a little bit of cap space if the Jets wanted to spend it elsewhere.

Matt Simms

This is probably the most obvious case. The selection of Tajh Boyd means Simms is finished with the Jets unless somebody gets hurt in the preseason. Even then he might not survive. He has a long road to go. He certainly will not take a roster spot from Geno Smith or Michael Vick, and Boyd by more than one account is a guy Rex Ryan pounded the table to draft.

Kyle Wilson

The selection of Dexter McDougle has an ambiguous impact on Kyle Wilson. Like Kerley, he is unlikely to lose a ton of playing time at least in 2014. What was the meaning behind it, though? Did they take McDougle with the idea of moving Wilson back outside like he was in 2012, or did they view him as a cheaper replacement once Wilson's contract expires? Either seems plausible, but having a new guy who plays the same position has to make a player a little nervous.