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Jets Drafted Five Captains on Day 3 of 2014 NFL Draft

Streeter Lecka

According to the Jets' official website, five of the team's nine selections on the third and final day of the 2014 NFL Draft were team captains. What does this mean?

Perhaps this is part of the formula the team has to try and find diamonds in the rough. A few weeks back we discussed potential Draft strategies for the final day, the rounds where most players will never amount to anything. Perhaps the Jets targeted team captains with the idea they are respected in the locker room and hard workers. Perhaps this is a coincidence.

Is this a good way to go? I think character and locker room stuff matters, but I also think it tends to get overblown. Talent is more important. If a team has enough talent to win with this philosophy, people tend to say character in the locker room is one the reason. If the team doesn't win, people complain that the team is sacrificing talent for character, and this was a terrible mistake.

Anyway, this was an interesting trend in the team's picks yesterday.