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Jets Pick Tajh Boyd With 213th Pick in 2014 NFL Draft

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets used their fourth and final sixth round pick on Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd.

Under Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets had a practice of letting Rex Ryan make one sixth round selection. It was unclear whether this continued under John Idzik. This pick might answer our question. Rex Ryan's son was Boyd's teammate at Clemson this year. Rex allegedly told Boyd the Jets would try and take him. Promise kept.

Boyd is a great athlete. He was even getting some early round buzz last year had he come out based on a sparkling performance against LSU at the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. He also has an NFL arm.

Overall, though, I'm not in love with Boyd. I think his mechanics are spotty. I also think he benefited a ton from a gimmicky college offense that didn't ask him to make complicated reads.

At the end of the sixth round and considering the other options available, though, I can't complain. He is a great athlete and has that arm. He's at least got more upside than Matt Simms, who will probably be on the way out of town with this news unless somebody gets hurt in the preseason.