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Jets Pre-Season Opponents Announced

In a couple of weeks, we will know our full 2014 schedule, for now we must make do with the pre-season.

Andrew Burton

The Jets will kick-start their 2014 campaign against Andrew Luck and the Colts and end it against Mark Sanchez and the Eagles. The full schedule is below:

Week Date Opponent
1 August 8th-10th Colts
2 August 15th-17th @Bengals
3 August 22nd-24th Giants
4 August 28th @Eagles

Interesting notes? Well perhaps the final game against the Eagles, with Mark Sanchez likely playing a lot of that game against Michael Vick. Or if Vick beats out Geno early, and it ends up being Geno Smith v Mark Sanchez. I guess facing RDC will be slightly interesting in week three, with the starters playing most of the game. Of course he visited with the Jets before going on to sign with the Giants.

It's a pretty standard schedule. Unfortunately we'll hear all too much about Mark Sanchez vs the Jets, even if it is the game that so few attend.