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Scouting the Draft: Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor University

Let's look at the Baylor Bear.

Ronald Martinez


Along with Dri Archer, Lache Seastrunk is perhaps the most electric running back in this year’s draft. With similarities to LeSean McCoy, Seastrunk has Pro Bowl potential, even if he has some flaws in his game. Seastrunk has what I call "Madden skills," which means he could be the playmaking running back that we hoped Joe McKnight would turn into, with his juke stick-type moves.


Height: 5'9"

Weight:201 lbs.

40-yd Dash: 4.51 seconds

Bench Press: 15 repetitions

Vertical Leap: 41.5 inches

Broad Jump: 134 inches


2013 158 1177 7.4 80 11
2012 131 1012 7.7 80 7


  • Extraordinary quickness and agility
  • Numerous moves, such as spins and jukes
  • Can turn a small gain into a home run despite not having elite speed
  • Plays faster than he is timed
  • Can run between the tackles or on the outside; he’s a mismatch waiting to happen


  • Will need to increase strength in an NFL weight room; doesn’t break tackles often enough
  • His vision is above average, but not elite
  • Patience needs to develop
  • Has good hands, but wasn’t often used as a receiving back
  • Might fumble often early in his career due to the way he holds the ball (low)


Seastrunk has high-end potential but will need some developing, although he’ll be able to provide a jolt to the offense if used situationally. If he’s available in the third round, the New York Jets should strongly consider drafting him. As I said, he has Pro Bowl potential and is reminiscent of LeSean McCoy. Despite his flaws, Seastrunk is just one of those guys that plays faster than he is and is bound to be a handful for opposing defenses.