IK Enemkpali, The Fury

IK Enemkpali vs Kansas (2013) (via Aaron Aloysius)

6-1, 260, 5.0 forty, 33" arms

IK is short, not small. Do mistake him for a small man. He's a 260lbs Mike Tyson in armor. What he lacks in length, he makes up with ferocity. He plays with force and violence. He plays with rage. I think that sometimes we get too enamored with the measurables. Too often we beholden ourselves to ideals. When we think pass rusher, we want 6-5, 260, with a liquid lightning 10yrd-split, a sub 4.5 forty, arms as long as javelins, and a motor like Lawrence Taylor. Basically... we want Lawrence Taylor. But the measurables aren't what's important. What's important, when its all said and done, is whether or not a dude can win his match ups. If he's not consistently winning his match-ups in college, he's prolly not going to win many of his match ups in the NFL either. What good is it to be long and strong and quick and fast and all that jazz, if you quite simply can not beat the guy across from you. A couple of years ago I became enamored with a guy named JJ Watt. Watt is now regarded as an athletic freak, but nobody saw that coming, least of all me. But what drew me to Watt before he was drafted (and before he subsequently became a god) was this uncanny knack he had to shed blocks. He won almost every snap that I could find of him. He was constantly on the other side of scrimmage, wrecking offenses. He wasn't quick or fast or all that explosive. Nobody thought he was going to turn out to be the beast he became. But he had this knack... you couldn't block him.

IK is short and he's slow. But IK wins snaps constantly. He does not move backwards. Ever. He does not stop coming. Ever. He plays with very heavy and extremely violent hands. It is extremely difficult to keep him blocked. He's got a squat build and he generates a lot of power. When he starts from a standing position, you cannot contain the force that he generates. And his motor revs high. And he hits like a train. And he plays with fury. I will take great fury over a great forty 10 out of 10 times.

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