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Jets Bringing in Highly Touted Corners for Visits

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Mehta notes the Jets are using their allotment of pre-Draft visits to Florham Park by bringing in a number of highly ranked cornerback prospects

None of this is necessarily meaningful on its own, but I think the odds are solid that the Jets will take a cornerback early. There is a definite need at the position. The head coach thinks it is the most important position on defense. The team has used five consecutive first round picks at two positions, one of which happens to be corner, indicating the value it has for the Jets. I imagine Rex Ryan will be pounding the table in the war room if there is a prospect he likes.

If there is a prospect the Jets love, the cornerback position would not be a bad way to go either. Sure, they have expended numerous resources there lately, but those are sunk costs. There is still a need. It would be difficult to neglect the receiving corps again, but the Jets are unfortunately in a position where they have left themselves too many holes to realistically think they can all be filled in the Draft. Something is going to be neglected.