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New York Jets: Who Will Be the Odd Man Out if Chris Johnson Signs?

Mitchell Leff

If the Jets sign Chris Johnson, a huge "if," the Jets will have a bit of a logjam in their backfield. Johnson, Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell, and Mike Goodson would all be under contract. It is possible the Jets would carry four tailbacks, particularly if Goodson could contribute as a return guy, but it seems unlikely. Somebody would be likely to go. It will not be Ivory, who was the clear top back a year ago. That would make the choices Powell and Goodson.

My guess is Powell would stay, and Goodson would go for a few reasons. One of them is that Johnson's skillset has some overlap with Goodson's. Goodson would become expendable. Powell is also a more versatile back. While he doesn't do anything particularly great, he also has few outright weaknesses. That is significant when one considers he would be backing up both Johnson and Ivory, players with opposite skillsets.

Unless Goodson's situation forces the team's hand, there would be every reason to bring all four backs to training camp. The team has more than enough cap room to leave this an open competition and for insurance in case somebody gets hurt. My guess is Powell would have a leg up.

What do you think?