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Fish ‘N chips: The Mailbag

Unfortunately a scheduling conflict meant we couldn't go live on Sunday. However Scott Salmon and myself thought we would take a selection of your questions to answer here and we’ll get to more of them when we have the chance to do a show.


Lets get straight into the action:

Q) After Watkins and Evans who do you prefer as a wideout and why? (Zenpo)

David Wyatt) I think after those two my favourite receivers are Brandin Cooks and Odell Beckham Jr. Cooks is my favourite receiver in this draft not named Watkins. He is explosive, he is shifty, he has open field moves and great hands. He’ll need to operate predominantly out of the slot, but if you have the chance to select a player with this much explosion, you’d be an idiot not to. Beckham on the other hand has the potential to develop into a #1 receiver in the league. He has his flaws, but he has great speed, good acceleration and he catches the ball away from his body, making difficult catches look easy. I want to see him get in and out of his breaks quicker, but I think he has all the potential in the World. If we ended up with either one, I’d be a very happy Jets fan come draft night.

Q) The Jets are at No18 pick, people that haven't been drafted are Eric Ebron, Brandin Cooks, Jonny Manziel, Marqise Lee, Odell Beckham and Mike Evans. Who do you select? (FlyingJet12)

Scott Salmon) Although I think this is a bit unrealistic, I would most likely take Ebron. There are a lot of great options here but if we could add a premier pass catcher at TE to match Eric Decker at WR, I think we'll be closer to a well-balanced passing attack.

David Wyatt) I have to agree with Scott here, I would take Ebron without a question. Based on two main factors, I think Ebron is a premier talent and there is a reason a lot of people are comparing him to Vernon Davis. Second of all, I think the drop in tight end after the first round is significantly steeper than at wide receiver. You can still pick up a starting caliber wide receiver in rounds two and three in my opinion.

Q) What do you think is going to happen at the LT position over the next few years? Ferguson has a substantial cap hit over the next 4 years. Do you think they will ask him to restructure or will they move on from him in 2016 when his dead money value is $4 million? Is Oday Aboushi the potential replacement or will they spend a mid-round pick in this years draft on Brick's potential replacement? (Henry Strawder)

Scott Salmon) I don't believe Aboushi is the potential replacement. His arms are too short for LT and he doesn't have the necessary athleticism. They seem to be looking at him solely for RT or RG. I think their decision to move on from D'Brickashaw Ferguson will depend on if they're able to get someone in the draft this year or next, and that will just be a matter of draft value.

Q) Which prospect do you all feel is the most overrated at WR, CB, S in this years draft? (Tinley24)

David Wyatt) Trust you to ask a question that I could probably write an essay on. I'll try and keep it as short as I possible can. Most over-rated wide receiver for me is Kelvin Benjamin. I'm not saying he won't turn into a good player, but right now, I don't see how people have him as a first round talent. He runs a good deep pattern and he has the size to trouble almost anybody. However he drops a lot of passes, he rounds off his routes, and sometimes it looks as though his head isn't in the game. He'll need to really improve, if he works hard he can be a good talent but right now, he has a lot of problems.

CB has to be Bradley Roby, some have him as a top 20 selection. Personally I don't even see him as a first round talent. I see him get beaten deep too often, but he also gives up a lot underneath as well. Doesn't have great size and he has very active hands. I think he'll struggle early in his career in a similar way that Milliner did. The Jets seem very smitten with Roby, so that concerns me if they are looking at him with the 18th overall selection.

S- This is a much harder one as I think Dix, Pryor and Jimmie Ward are all great prospects. So to be perfectly honest Tinley, I don't think any safety prospect this year is over-rated. If you made me pick one player from that trio, it would probably be Pryor.

Scott Salmon) Kelvin Benjamin, Bradley Roby, and I can't think of an overrated safety. The top safeties are all really, really good.

Q) What RB do you think will be the first to go, and what round? (John Idzik)

David Wyatt) For me Carlos Hyde is the best running back in this draft and I have a sneaky feeling he may go at the very end of round one. if not the end of round one the very start of round two. A really good North/South runner with a lot of power a lot of drive and some decent open field moves to wriggle away from tackles. He reminds me of Lacy who had a decent rookie season in Green Bay. However he also has a little pace to go with the power and he can accelerate through gaps and to the edge.