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Scouting The Draft: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

We continue to look at some of the top prospects in relation to the Jets and the 2014 NFL draft

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The more I think about it, the more likely I think we are to go corner early in the 2014 NFL draft. To a point where I now think we are more likely to go corner in round one and then receiver in round two. However if we do go tight end or receiver in round one, we need to start looking at corners in round two. As I find it hard to imagine we will fail to select a corner early.

Some people have Fuller rated as a first round prospect, however personally I think his game has some limitations. So I see him more as a very early second round prospect. Fuller was a 3 star recruit coming into Virginia Tech, and he has spent time in high school playing numerous positions on defense including safety.


Height: 6'0

Weight: 190lb's

Arms: 32 7/8"

Hands: 9 3/8"

40 Yard: 4.49

Bench: 12 Reps

Vertical: 38'5

Broad: 128"

3 cone: 6.90

20 Yard: 4.19


Year Tackles For A Loss Sacks Interceptions Pass Defenses Forced Fumbles
2013 24 2 0 2 10 1
2012 52 3 0 2 7 1
2011 65 14.5 4.5 2 9 1
2010 32 4 0 0 6 1


  • Good height and length for the position.
  • Excellent instincts, plays with good awareness.
  • Good at attacking the ball in the air, vertical is impressive in-game.
  • Outstanding read-react ability.
  • Good overall speed, but excellent closing speed.
  • Versatility, could be a good candidate for a safety going forward.
  • Very good run defender, who likes to be physical.
  • A much better blitzer than most corners in the draft.
  • Lacks ideal strength and doesn't really have the frame to pack it on.
  • Much better suited to a zone coverage system, may not be the best fit.
  • Over-pursues and will sometimes lose the edge.
  • Doesn't have the elite speed to cover the fastest receivers.
  • A little choppy in his back-pedal, loses some momentum.
  • Gives receivers a lot of cushion due to lack of elite speed.

Personally I would prefer to draft Gilbert or Dennard in the first round, and if they are gone, wait for the picks to fall and see what's available in the 2nd and 3rd round. If we did select Fuller, I'd prefer we did so with the intention to move him to safety. He's much better playing the ball in front of him and he is a reliable tackler who's excellent at reading the run. I have some issues with his problems in man-coverage and the fact he does lack a lot of strength, I have a feeling he would struggle in our system especially with some of the bigger receivers we'll face.

Would I draft him for the Jets

I'll be honest and say I'm not a massive Kyle Fuller guy. I much prefer Dennard and Gilbert, Verrett and Joyner. However he's not a bad player and he's a big study guy, so he'll be prepared every time he goes out there. If he fell to us in the second, you have to take a look. However if we selected him at #18, I would be a little disappointed.