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Don't Expect Any News On Chris Johnson This Weekend

Chris Johnson is unable to speak to any teams until Monday afternoon

Andy Lyons

Chris Johnson still has a lot to give, playing hurt for much of 2013 with a stuttering offence, his stock has plummeted. Resulting in his release. So if like me you have been refreshing your NFL feeds left, right and centre in the hope you will see some confirmation that CJ2K will be wearing Jets green next year, I'm here to save your weekend.

According to Ian Rapoport:

So that means we won't hear a thing this weekend in relation to the Jets and Chris Johnson, outside the "how much interest do the Jets have?" story-lines. So you can give the refresh button a break and head out into the sun for a while (depending on where you live).

Expect this story to develop quickly Monday evening and Tuesday however, as John reported.