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Jets Will Host Odell Beckham Jr Next Week

It's all gone quite on the Jets front, so here is a little draft news to keep things ticking over.

Jared Wickerham

The New York Jets (as well as the Buffalo Bills) will host Odell Beckham Jr next week in a pre-draft visit. They'll get the chance to sit him down and talk to him, pick his football and personal brain which will hopefully help them decide whether it's a good idea to target him or not.

Odell Beckham Jr is widely regarded as a late first round player and will likely be in play when the Jets select at #18. Beckham had 2315 all purpose yards for LSU last year which is a school record.

I know a few people are hesitant for the Jets to look at Beckham Jr, but his game seems to suit Marty's offensive philosophy and I'd personally like to see him in Gang Green with the ball in his hands. It would be electric.

However saying that, I still need a little more convincing that he is a 1st round talent.