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Chris Johnson Rumor: Back to Have a New Team Soon

Andy Lyons

Mike Florio reports free agent running back Chris Johnson is likely to take only a few days to pick a new team.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Johnson currently is expected to pick his next team by the middle of next week.

I think it might be easy to get too excited hearing the name Chris Johnson. His 2,006 yard season in 2009 is not representative of the player he is. He is, however, a productive and durable back. He has broken the 1,000 yard mark every season in the league, even playing hurt in 2013. He has also missed only one game in a six year career, which is significant with injury-prone Chris Ivory currently the top back the Jets have. He is also a good pass catcher, which the Jets need in tandem with Ivory.

If the Jets sign him, think of Johnson as a nice piece and a good compliment to Ivory, not as a transformational offensive player.