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Chris Johnson Released: Will the Jets Act Quickly?

As expected, Chris Johnson has today been released by the Tennessee Titans. Will the Jets act quickly to bring CJ2K to Gang Green.

Andy Lyons

Chris Johnson flew to Tennessee last night to meet face to face with GM Ruston Webster, as expected the decision has been made to release Johnson.

Johnson was due to have a base salary of $8 million in 2014 and would have counted $10 million against the cap. So Tennessee have made the decision to cut ties with the former 2000 yard rusher in effort to save some money.

It was widely rumored that in this instance, the Jets would act quickly to make a play for the talented back. Mike Goodson is in all sorts of trouble in relation to the law, and has been known to suffer an injury or two.

The Jets have the need, they have the cap and if you believe the above, they have the interest. So hopefully we can expect some news soon and for the developments to occur quickly.

Johnson had the lowest average of his career last year, posting just 3.9 yards a carry. Some have attributed this to the offensive line, some have suggested that Johnson is too hesitate and can no longer beat anyone in open space. In reality it could be a combination of both.

Unfortunately for Johnson, questions regarding his speed and elusiveness have persisted since 2011 where his average dropped from 5.6 in 2009 to just 4.0 in 2011. He had a good year in 2012 posting 1243 yards on 276 carries for a 4.5 yard average. I don't believe he has lost it, and if he does join the Jets, he immediately upgrades our offense a considerable amount.

However Johnson has been in the league for 6 seasons, and he has 6 seasons with over 1000 yards rushing. Including the 2009 season where he had 2006 yards to go along with his 503 receiving yards. The Jets should be interested and I imagine they are.

According to an NFL report, the Jets will face competition from the Giants and Cowboys.