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New York Jets: Johnny Tight Lips


Brian Costello notes the Jets are not tipping their cards in advance of next week's NFL Draft.

About the only thing Jets general manager John Idzik is willing to admit about next week’s NFL Draft is that it is next week.


"I wouldn’t say it’s safe to say anything at this point," Idzik said. "We’re going to take the draft one pick at a time and add the best players."

I think this whole, "Idzik has no leaks," thing is getting a little out of hand. Every single team in the NFL is trying to bluff right now to throw other teams off the scent of their true intentions. Teams are going to float all kinds of false information, and nobody with any kind of decision-making ability is going to speak at length on the record. Nobody knows what the Jets' true intentions are. The same was true leading up to the Draft of every single GM this team has ever had.