The Case for Trading Down

Could the Jets trade down in the first round in the upcoming draft?

It does not look like a player that the Jets/Rex love will be there at 18. The player I'm talking about is Darqueze Dennard.

Like others, I am not on board the Beckham/Cooks bandwagon. Those guys seem more suited for slot roles than being lined up on the outside. I believe it takes a very special player being under six foot to be able to take the top off the defense on a consistent basis when lined up out wide. The guy I would like to see out there, and I believe the Jets would too since they went to his pro day, is Kelvin Benjamin. This beast of a man might not just run by defenders with ease, however, most times it will take safety help to keep the ball out of his hands because he has the size to go up and get the ball. He would also be the red zone go-to guy. Defenses will be hard pressed to keep him out of the end zone.

Another player I think that the Jets are high on is Jimmie Ward. He is a little bit undersized but plays big. He has a good nose for the ball. I love that he does not just look to lay the wood on the ball, but he wraps them up.

How would the Jets grab both these players? They could trade down to take Benjamin which would give them an extra pick. They could then trade up in the second to take Ward if necessary and still have as many picks as they started with.

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