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Community Mock Draft Starts Friday

Sean Gardner

On Friday, May 2, at 10am EST, the GangGreenNation Community Mock Draft will open. You have two days to prepare your picks, if you haven't already. We would like to do two rounds, but because of time constraints, we may not be able to. The quicker you get your picks in, the better the chance we can do the full two rounds.

Normally, we have a "take your time" policy where we ask you to just post your pick quickly and we'll nudge you if you take too long. This year, I'm going to institute a three hour limit on your pick. The clock will start (after Friday) at 8am, and end at 10pm. If you would like to make your selection after that time frame, you are more than welcome to, but the clock will only be running during that period, so please check the website frequently as your pick approaches.

We will have two separate threads for the draft, one solely to post picks, and the other for commentary. This makes it easier on us trying to find people's selections. If it doesn't look like you'll make your pick in the allotted time frame, I'll go to an alternate, and if they can't make the time frame, I'll make the pick. As always, the staff will choose the pick for the New York Jets. Also, remember that there are no trades.

For the representatives of the Washington Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts, you do not pick in the first round. When we get to the second round the draft order changes so I'll have an updated chart then.

Feel free to practice here.

Round 1
1. Houston Texans NeighbourFromTheNorth
2. St. Louis Rams MachlinT
3. Jacksonville Jaguars schiftyp
4. Cleveland Browns BenSchneier22
5. Oakland Raiders Jonathan Reynoso
6. Atlanta Falcons AFCxxBEAST
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers oneg82
8. Minnesota Vikings BennnyK
9. Buffalo Bills Peter Griffin says…
10. Detroit Lions Tj Doyle
11. Tennessee Titans M I K E
12. New York Giants The_Condor
13. St. Louis Rams MachlinT
14. Chicago Bears AndrewGM
15. Pittsburgh Steelers SioneBAAOOOHA
16. Dallas Cowboys JetMet
17. Baltimore Ravens Pc1167
18. New York Jets GGN Staff
19. Miami Dolphins Finhead83
20. Arizona Cardinals davo626
21. Green Bay Packers zenpo
22. Philadelphia Eagles NY-Snack-Exchange
23. Kansas City Chiefs YoungStuna
24. Cincinnati Bengals Fly like a jet
25. San Diego Chargers Maximilian Lawrence
26. Cleveland Browns BenSchneier22
27. New Orleans Saints doc1453
28. Carolina Panthers tklotsche
29. New England Patriots adjacent muffin1427
30. San Francisco 49ers nickwilliams
31. Denver Broncos NYJETFAN511
32. Seattle Seahawks Can't!Wait