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2014 NFL Draft: Jets Have 8th Most Valuable Assortment Per Grantland

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Barnwell of Grantland has come up with a formula rating the value of each team's assortment of Draft picks. The Jets fare well heading into next week's NFL Draft.

According to Barnwell, the quality and quantity of the Jets' picks are the eighth best in the NFL.

Looking ahead to the Draft, the real area to watch is the fourth round. That point is right around the point in each Draft where a team's ability to find quality players readily available starts to end. With three fourth round picks, the Jets hitting could really help this rebuilding process.

Even though these picks were under different general managers, the team does have some history of success in the fourth round from full-time players like Jerricho Cotchery to more complimentary parts like Brad Smith and Leon Washington.

Are there any players projected to go in the fourth round who catch your attention?