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Sky Is The Limit For Dee Milliner - Dennis Thurman

We get some good sound bites this time of the year, and this is one of them.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you're feeling like I am, I'm bored of mock drafts, draft projections and draft rumours. We should be done with the draft by now and we should be looking at our new players in depth. Unfortunately we're not, so we have to make do with a few sound bites from the New York Jets coaches.

This one comes from Dennis Thurman, defensive coordinator:

Our secondary may be one of the most interesting stories of the off-season. Most will see us losing Cromartie and just take his name, saying we got weaker. Few people outside the fanbase realise just how bad he was last year, so we may have improved by not re-signing him. Addition by subtraction. Was Cro just injured last year? we'll find out in a few months as he suits up for Arizona.

Statistically Dee wasn't lights out towards the end of the season. Many people will throw stats at you to try and prove he made little to no improvement. However as much as I like looking at statistics, in my opinion you can't judge a player by numbers alone. I thought he improved because he looked more confident, he looked more in control, his backpedal looked better and he showed more balance. He was trusting his instincts more and letting his natural athletic ability come through. All aspects that will eventually show up in statistics.

It seems I'm not the only guy high on Dee this year.