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Geno Smith Will Start With The First Team

A lot is going to be made about the Quarterback battle in New York

Patrick Smith

Some people believed it would be an open battle for the starting spot on the Jets roster, however it has become clear that it will be Geno Smith's job to lose, rather than a start from scratch, best man wins.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg stated:

"Mike's going to handle that real well," Mornhinweg said. "He's going to do the right thing. He's going to compete, he's going to play hard, all those things. Competition just makes you better. It's just that simple.

" . . . We brought Mike in to compete, to push Geno and to make Geno the very best he can make him. And I wanted to make sure that Mike was ready for that . . . I think this thing's going to work beautifully. And we'll see."

Marty suggested that Geno is the presumed starter by stating he would be the Quarterback taking the first team reps at the start of mini-camp.

Personally I'm not surprised. Geno is the drafted talent, the younger guy with upside who the organization brought in because they believed he could lead the team. He has a year in the system with this supporting cast and he is expected to make the jump. It makes sense to say he will be starting camp as the guy who takes the first team reps.

However mini-camp and then training-camp is a long slog, if Geno starts to falter and Mike Vick clearly shows himself to be the superior Quarterback, then there is no question the starting spot is up for grabs. It's likely one of the reasons Vick found the Jets an attractive destination, as well as the fact he's already played extensive reps in Marty's system.

It's one to keep a close eye on, but we are so close to talking about real football, can you feel the excitement.