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Jets Draft Needs: Offensive Line the Hidden Need

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The Jets need to add pass catching targets. Eric Decker was a good addition, but he is not enough. This team is still thin at wide receiver and tight end. Receiving targets have been a major weakness for two years so naturally these positions get a lot of attention. This might be obscuring another area of need for the Jets, the offensive line.

The line was not a strength in 2013, and it currently has a number of major questions marks. Nick Mangold should be penciled in at center. Even coming off a rough season, D'Brickashaw Ferguson will play left tackle and can inspire some measure of confidence. The other three spots are dicey, however. Brian Winters was one of the least effective linemen in the league as a rookie. Is it possible he will take a big step forward? Absolutely. Is it a certainty? Absolutely not. Willie Colon is solid at right guard, but can he be trusted to make it through an entire season? He has ended four straight campaigns with a serious injury. Meanwhile, Breno Giacomini at right tackle is a really shaky pass protector. The Jets could very well be playing a left-handed starting quarterback, meaning Breno would be blocking the blind side. There isn't much in the way of depth either.

Offensive line play is going to be important. Michael Vick is injury-prone, while Geno Smith had a really difficult time with pressure as a rookie. When he had time in the pocket, he looked like he could make plays. When it didn't, the results were ugly. As much as the Jets could use an upgrade in their receiving corps, investing an early pick in the offensive line might not be a bad move either.