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2014 NFL Draft Buzz: Jets Like Tajh Boyd?

Stacy Revere

NFL Draft insider Tony Pauline says he's hearing the Jets like Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd.

As posted yesterday, the New York Jets traveled to Clemson and worked out quarterback Tajh Boyd, running back Roderick McDowell and linebacker Quandon Christian as well as tight end Brandon Ford from the 2013 draft class. I’m told the Jets sent their quarterback coach to the workout for Boyd. For weeks I’ve been alerted that the Jets, specifically head coach Rex Ryan, really likes Boyd. In fact Ryan told Boyd during Clemson’s pro-day he would try and find a way to pick him up during the draft. With three compensatory picks in the sixth round its easy to see Boyd being selected by the franchise.

It isn't really clear how accurate this reporting is, but it does sound like the kind of thing Rex would do. He's reportedly told players he loved in the past that the Jets would try to take them. I'm not sure whether Rex gets to make a day three pick by himself like he did under Mike Tannenbaum, but this might be something to remember. Also keep in mind Rex's son was Boyd's teammate at Clemson this year. The Jets took Tommy Bohanon, a college teammate of John Idzik's son, last year.

As far as Boyd goes, I am not a huge fan. I think a lot of his production was due to his surroundings, namely his system. He does have natural athletic talent, though, so I could live with the Jets investing a late pick in him.