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Jets Show Up In Numbers For OTA's

Just a small note tonight, but one that I find encouraging and important to note.


Earlier this week we wrote about the start of voluntary OTA's beginning for the Jets this Monday. There really isn't much football at all, but it's a reason for the players to hear back to the facility, sort their lockers, meet their new team-mates and for me, show the commitment to the cause. Some are financially motivated to show up, others just love what they do, and can't wait to get started. So it was great to see a message from Kristian Dyer tonight stating:

I saw some footage from Eric Allen with Eric Decker earlier this week, and I saw a few other players comment they were back at the facility, however it seems as though nearly every Jets player has made the effort to head up to the facility to meet their new team-mates, perhaps talk to a few of the coaches about their roles and get a head-start in learning the play-book.

I will put my hands up and say I have no idea if the voluntary OTA's are as popular with other teams, but this speaks volumes for me. It's great to see so many people turn up and if the press conferences on Monday are anything to go by, there is a lot of positive-attitudes around the Jets facility.

Even as a writer or fan, it feels refreshing to have a few players off the books. On a personal level, not having Sanchez and Holmes here, well it already lightens my mood.