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The 2014 New York Jets Schedule Has Been Released

The 2014 NFL schedules are set to be announced at 8:00pm EST. But drips and drabs are being released as teams have leaks, so we will keep this thread continually updated with information as we hear it. Comment below with your thoughts.

1 vs. Oakland Raiders
2 at Green Bay Packers
3 vs. Chicago Bears (Monday Night Football)
4 vs. Detroit Lions
5 at San Diego Chargers
6 vs. Denver Broncos
7 at New England Patriots (Thursday Night Football)
8 vs. Buffalo Bills
9 at Kansas City Chiefs
10 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
11 BYE
12 at Buffalo Bills
13 vs. Miami Dolphins (Monday Night Football)
14 at Minnesota Vikings
15 at Tennessee Titans
16 vs. New England Patriots
17 at Miami Dolphins