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NFL Schedule to Be Released Late This Week?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There was some speculation the NFL would release its 2014 schedule early this week. Mike Florio says it might be a few days later.

The NFL still doesn’t have a firm plan for the release of the 2014 regular-season schedule. A source with knowledge of the process says the current target is Wednesday, with the possibility it will be nudged to Thursday.


One factor that surely will influence the process is (or at least should be) the daily schedule of NHL and NBA playoff games. By not releasing the slate of games last Tuesday, before the postseasons in basketball or hockey, the NFL squandered a chance to clearly own the day.

While the order of the games is not yet known, the Jets do know the opponent and the venue of their sixteen regular season games.


Buffalo (6-10), Miami (8-8), New England (12-4), Denver (13-3), Oakland (4-12), Pittsburgh (8-8), Chicago (8-8), Detroit (7-9)


Buffalo (6-10), Miami (8-8), New England (12-4), Kansas City (11-5), San Diego (9-7), Tennessee (7-9),Green Bay (8-7-1), Minnesota (5-10-1)