A Scott Salmon, David Wyatt and David Vill Appreciation Thread

I've felt the need to throw a post like this up for awhile now, since I think it is well deserved. We've already had an appreciation thread for our Editor-In-Chief John B in the past, but what about our two managing editors? Of course, I'm talking about none other than the duo of Scott Salmon and David Wyatt.

For starters, anybody who has been visiting the site since the offseason started would know they both have done an excellent job keeping us up to date on all the free agency news circling about. They've both have been on their A game for about a month and a half now, it's crazy. I'd liken them to the Schefters of the blogging world. I mean, part of the reason the fanshot section is so dead now is because all the news is being front paged so quickly, it's not really needed anymore.

Obviously, the great work they've done here goes beyond just that. Without Scott, GangGreenNation would be infested with more trolls than Middle Earth itself. And without David providing us some splendid draft coverage, the pre-draft process would be way less mentally stimulating. In general, they both present great writing that has plenty of substance, and very informed opinions.

I could certainly provide more positives about both of them here, but I honestly just don't feel it's necessary to do so. If you read their work, you really shouldn't need anymore details. Put it this way, if I had to hire someone to cover the Jets, I'd pick either one of those two (or both if possible) over any current writer on the beat without hesitation.

Moving onto to Mr. David Vill, I'm honestly just not sure how he does it. Most of us know the football media can suck pretty bad, especially when it's related to the Jets. This doesn't prevent the Flight Connections from being one of the best aspects about this blog, though. Anyone who has access to the amount of page views each article gets can attest to that. And like I said about the other David and Scott, Mr. Vill makes the fanshot section almost expendable with his posts.

But for real though, could you imagine having to sort through all those crappy stories that some writers chose to fart out? Every flipping morning? I sure as hell can't. And even if none of the links provided are all that interesting (which is certainly not his fault), reading the Flight Connections is still a great way to start the day due to his great sense of humor alone. He also writes some terrific articles himself when he chooses to do so.

To summarize, GGN just wouldn't be what it is today without these three, and this website is down right freaking awesome. I really am legit honored to be a member of the team. Even if my only duty is just to copy and paste HTML.

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