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Jacoby Ford to Compete for Return Jobs

Ezra Shaw

Not that it is a major surprise, but Jacoby Ford confirmed today he will be in the mix to serve as a return man for the Jets in 2014.

Ford's 25 yard career average on kickoff returns is decent but unspectacular. He does, however, have four touchdowns so that 4.2 speed does make him a threat to go the distance. He has only returned nine punts in his career so that would be a new experience. It seems like forever since the Jets had a threat running punts back.

I also think he will make cameos on offense. The Jets might move him around and look to get him the ball in space where his speed can make a difference. He probably is not what the Jets need in a starting receiver across from Eric Decker, though. I would be surprised if he made a full-time impact on offense.