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2014 NFL Draft: What Player Should the Jets Avoid?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

What prospect do you want the Jets to avoid? There is probably somebody out there you have seen mocked to the Jets in early rounds you really do not want.

I think my choice is probably Jordan Matthews, the wide receiver from Vanderbilt. On paper he looks great. His production was prolific, and he did well at the Combine. When I watch him on film, though, I feel like the whole is less than the sum of the parts. Sometimes production translates to the pros, but I have serious questions about whether Matthews' will.

Vandy's offense made it a point to get him the ball a lot on screens. He ran limited routes so he is not really a refined technician. He still seems raw to me at some of the basic points of the game. Despite very good timed speed, he looks like the kind of guy who takes a while to get to top speed. He also has a pretty high drop rate. He is just a guy who seems like he needs a ton of work on the fundamentals and doesn't have overwhelming physical ability.

I could definitely see Matthews becoming a good starter. I just don't think his ceiling is the kind of receiver you can run a passing game through. I also think his game needs a ton of refinement so while his ceiling isn't sky high, his floor is pretty low. This is a Draft where I see a ton of receiver prospects who should be available on the first two days whose games are more refined and have far higher ceilings.

If you love Matthews, don't take offense. Just because I'm not in love with him does not automatically mean he is destined for failure. I have been wrong before. With that said, I would be disappointed if the Jets ended up with him on the first two days over the other pass catching targets.

Who do you want the Jets to avoid?