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2014 NFL Draft: Who Is Your Trade Up Choice?

Scott Cunningham

There are a handful of players who the Jets have little realistic chance of taking a 18. Let's imagine a scenario where the team trades up. Which one would you want? You have to play by the rules. The Jets have traded up. You can't say nobody.

For me the answer is Jadeveon Clowney. The team might need more help on offense than defense, but you have to go to where the talent is in the Draft. To me Clowney looks like a generational talent. At 6'5" 266 pounds he is a natural edge rusher in this defense. He looks like a freakish athlete on the field, and the way he crushed the Combine backs it up with great 40, vertical, and broad jump numbers.

He would fit like a glove on this defense. One of the big missing pieces on the defensive front is an edge rusher. The Jets have plenty of beef inside to push the pocket and draw double teams on interior linemen. They just need the guy who can explode from the outside. The offense only has so many blockers. You can't double team Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Clowney at the same time. Somebody is going to have a favorable one on one matchup.

Just as good coverage can hide a suspect pass rush, a great pass rush can hide troubles in the secondary.

I don't expect Clowney to fall very far, but if it happens he's the guy for whom I think the Jets should get on the phone. Who is your choice?