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GGN Live: Free Agency Show (4/17/14)

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone! Just an announcement inviting you all to tune in to GGN Live, Gang Green Nation's own call-in show, returning to the air for a special Chris Johnson signing 90 minute program tonight at 7:00 PM. You can tune in and listen here: GGN LIVE 7pm!

Hosts Nick Marusiak and Jeff Parks are back on the airwaves discussing all the moves the New York Jets have made in free agency, as well as take your calls and discuss some potential trade scenarios.

If you'd like to join in on the discussion, call into the show live by dialing (347) 633-9667.

Our caller rules are simple and exactly like our rules on the site. Stay on topic and please, refrain from any type of cursing or other suspect language. We have your phone numbers on our board and profanity will result in being banned from calling into the show in the future.

All that being said, be sure to tune in tonight at 7:00 and enjoy the special 90 minute show! Feel free to discuss in the comments below, or submit us questions and comments if you can't call in! You can also tweet questions or comments to @ganggreennation @nmarusiak or @JeffParksNY .

Also, don't forget to check out our Facebook page, like us, and send us your questions and comments there too!

For those that haven't listened in here's the audio. Apologies for the mic having issues, we will work on the technical aspects in future shows. Thanks for all those who listened live or are going to listen:

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