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Chris Johnson: Expect Effective, Not Dominant

Andy Lyons

Whenever your favorite team signs a big name and a former All Pro, it is natural to be excited. Chris Johnson was the best running back in the league in 2009. He ran for 2,006 yards and tacked on another 50 catches for 503 yards.  This season made Johnson a household name.

The Jets cannot expect that kind of game-changing offensive player. That year is out of line with what Johnson has done the rest of his career. This does not mean Johnson will be ineffective. I like the signing. He is an upgrade over Bilal Powell. He has proven to be durable during his career and an effective target out of the backfield. Those are good things for a back who is expected to be paired with Chris Ivory. I also think that after a disappointing year, Johnson can rebound with a reduced workload allowing him to stay fresher.

If I have a point it is to view Johnson as a nice complimentary piece. Adding him does not eliminate the need the Jets have to upgrade their wide receivers and tight ends. He is not a piece that could transform the offense the way a guy like DeSean Jackson might have. He can be part of the solution, though.