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Update: Sidney Rice Visited the New York Jets; Re-Signed with Seahawks

The former Seahawk is visiting the Jets.

Jim McIsaac

According to Adam Schefter:

Many people have expressed interest in Sidney Rice. He's a tall target (6'4") that is an aggressive player and has done well, when healthy. Unfortunately, he's been injured a lot and hasn't been able to have sustained success due to it. I know many Seattle Seahawks fans were hoping to bring Rice back, and I know a lot of you are interested in Rice.

Obviously, he would be training camp competition for David Nelson, Stephen Hill, and Jacoby Ford. The mantra is competition, and if Rice can get a little healthier, he'd be a great addition. Also, he has amazing dreadlocks, so he'll go well with Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson.

I know many have criticized the deliberate pace of free agency so far, but as we've been saying this whole time, free agency didn't end after the first three days. Let Idzik work.



Welp, Rice has re-signed with the Seahawks. There's no indication whether or not Idzik even made Rice an offer.