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Chris Johnson Contract Numbers

Jason Szenes

Earlier, we reported that the New York Jets were looking to pay Chris Johnson a maximum of $4M per year, and that Johnson wanted $5M per year. Here are the contract numbers for Johnson.

As you can see by adding up the numbers, the total value of the contract appears to be $8M. With a $3M signing bonus, that number is prorated over the two year contract. So this year the team is on the hook for $2.5M in cap space ($1.5M in signing bonus plus $1M in guaranteed salary), and $1.5M (in signing bonus) next year. The remainder is not guaranteed, the bulk ($3.5m) of which is in the second year, which makes him cuttable after the year.

Worst case scenario, Johnson is cut after this year and the team pays him $4M, total. If he's on the roster next year (which is kinda doubtful, considering the $500,000 option next year). If he plays out his contract and meets all of his incentives, he'll make $8M. Considering Johnson originally wanted $5M per year, this seems to be a good deal to me. What are your thoughts?