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Chris Johnson Leaves Jets Facility Without A Deal

Chris Johnson visited the Jets Tuesday but he will leave without putting pen to paper on a deal

Andy Lyons

Chris Johnson attended the Knicks vs Nets game last night and briefly spoke to reporters about his visit. However when a player leaves the facility, it usually means they weren't 100% sold on the contract, so it's likely Chris Johnson will now take other visits:

Johnson spoke to a small group of reporters at the game, revealing little about the visit ("everything went well") or about his immediate plans. He indicated he's planning to visit other teams, but he didn't name them. The Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are said to have interest, but they're obviously not making a mad rush to him.

"I'm just taking it one day at a time, taking my time, and whatever decision I make, it will be the best decision," said Johnson, who received a cheer from the crowd when his face appeared on the JumboTron.

Asked what he likes about the Jets, Johnson said, "You know, I'm just taking it one day at a time. That's all I'm going to say." He said he has no time frame for his decision.

We could still sign Johnson, but I can't see it being any-time soon. He likely sees his value a little higher than what the Jets do. However visiting a few other teams, who may offer him the same deal may bring his estimations down. I like Johnson as a player and would like to have him here, but if he wants more than $4 million in year one and beyond, I'm walking away from the negotiating table.

If he wants too much money, we would be better passing on him and drafting a young running back with good hands.