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2014 NFL Draft: Who Is Your Reach?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Many times in the first round of the NFL Draft, a pick will surprise people. A team will take a player viewed as a "reach." Why is this player viewed as a reach? It is mainly because no media mock draft has the player going that high. There are instances, however, when teams' boards vary wildly from the mainstream media's consensus. Just because a pick does not match a media mock draft does not mean that pick is wrong.

My best example might be from an actual mock we had on GGN three years ago. One of our general managers picked Julius Thomas in the first round. The pick drew a ton of criticism. Now? It doesn't sound so crazy.

So I pose this question to you. You have likely seen many mocks. What player who has not been projected near the 18th pick would you not have an issue with the Jets taking?

I think my top choice would be Austin Seferian-Jenkins, the tight end from Washington. The earliest I have seen him mocked was the end of the first round. I think he is a premium talent, however. 6'6" 260 pound men should not be able to move as smoothly as he can. He's a huge target. He also can block.

I'm a big fan of this year's tight end class. I think it is the best since the 2010 group of Grokowski, Graham, Hernandez, Gresham, and Pitta. I like Eric Ebron and Jace Amaro a lot. I'm also a fan of Troy Niklas, although less sold on him since he doesn't have a big track record at the position. If the Jets invest the 18th pick in ASJ, though, I wouldn't be upset even if it raised some eyebrows.

Who is your reach?