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The New York Jets Hold Focus Group

Jim McIsaac

According to a report by the New York Post, the New York Jets held a focus group with twenty-two current and former season ticket holders. The focus group was brought in to talk about the fan experience at the stadium, and here's what they said about the subject:

"Most of the people don't like the new stadium and certainly are not satisfied with the direction is going," said the attendee, who is a former season-ticket holder.

"One issue that came out loud and clear is that PSL holders are very dissatisfied," the attendee said. "They feel trapped. They are going for less than half of what they paid for them on the open market.

For his part, team president Neil Glat said that the team has done these focus groups for a long time, and that he believes a majority of teams do so as well. There apparently isn't anything special about it, and is a normal thing for them to do.

However, despite the focus of the group being about the fan experience at the stadium, the group spontaneously decided to talk about personnel moves. The fans talked about how the team shouldn't sign Mike Vick; one week later, the team signed him.

"Do you think the [New York Giants] would bring in people like Vick?" the fan asked Jets management.

No, but that's probably because they're too busy getting indicted for memorabilia fraud. A classy franchise, those Giants.

The fan said it was disheartening to see the team sign Vick the week after hearing directly from fans that they were against it.

"I was annoyed that you brought us in the focus group and 90 percent of the people told you that it wasn't a good move, and then you did it anyway," he said.

Glat said the focus group was not meant to gather fan opinion on roster moves.

Personally, I'm thrilled the team didn't give a second thought to what a ridiculously small group of fans wanted, who aren't qualified or trained in football scouting whatsoever. If the team was blindly bowing to the demands of twenty-two randoms, who are judging whether or not to sign Vick from a name perspective and not his actual football abilities, I would completely lose faith in the future of the franchise. That said, I'm happy to hear they're interested in making the fan experience better.