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New York Jets: Would You Take Teddy Bridgewater if He Falls to 18?

Andy Lyons

GGN member Barnaby8787 posed an interesting question in the comments section of another thread.

But arguing with Jets fans over this in another forum/website. If Bridgewater is there at 18, do you take him?

While it does not seem like the most likely scenario, big freefalls from quarterbacks are certainly not unheard of. It does seem at least possible.

I think the answer is yes. I like where the Jets are at the quarterback position. They have a young guy with some potential and a veteran stopgap who can give them credible play should the young guy falter. They are not in a position where they need to draft or reach for a quarterback. If a potential franchise guy fell into their lap, though, why wouldn't they take him? Geno Smith just did not show enough as a rookie to say with any degree of certainty he is the future. Michael Vick is no long-term solution. You still have five other picks in the first four rounds to address other concerns.

In a best case scenario, Geno flourishes, Bridgewater shows potential, and you have two good cheap young quarterbacks, one of who can be flipped off for a big return in a few years.

To me it comes down to whether you like Bridgewater. I do. I think he has all of the tools necessary to be a really good pro.