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Introducing the Ver Magnússon Rankings

Evaluating a prospect in the NFL Draft is a flawed process, one built on different standards and hard to quantify attributes. Often times, the most highly ranked players are the ones that end up failing, and some overlooked guy ends up being the best at his position. The struggle of projecting the best prospects, however, ends today.

New York Jets fan @gambit1154 is a combination of PFTCommentator and Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, and he came up with an infallible ranking system for ranking draft prospects. As a result of gambit's hard work and dedication to the craft of ranking prospects, we are proud to introduce the Magnús Ver Magnússon Rankings. The formula is simple:


We reached out to gambit for his rankings, and he had this to say:

QB: No qualifiers.

OL: Russell Bodine (42 reps) - SQUEAL LIKE A PIG SUUUUEEEEEY.

RB: Kapri Bibbs (24 reps) - For when your kids drink Capri Sun.

WR: Michael Campanaro (20 reps) - Weak class, but the Canyonero videoo puts him over the top.

S: Brock Vereen (20 reps) - Sounds like the Cal chapter president of Alpha Beta. Ha-Ha should have won this but put up pathetic 11 reps.

DL: Zach Kerr (28 reps) - Did you know his first name is Zachariah? He put up 28 reps, then put up a barn.

LB: Prince Shembo (26 reps) - He just needs your bank account number to deposit some monies left to him by his uncle.

ST: Pat O'Donnell (P) (23 reps) - Holy shit a punter put up 23 reps.

TE: Joe Jon Duncan (35 reps) - Damn near broke the rankings.


You can try and come up with a better way to rank prospects, but you'll fail.