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SB Nation Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select........

Yesterday we posted the SB Nation mock draft to this point, now is the selection you've all been waiting for.


Myself and John got together last week to discuss our selection in our annual SB Nation mock draft. We posted about it yesterday and everyone had an opinion on who we should select, well without further delay, here it is:

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"While Eric Decker was a great addition, he is not going to be very productive given the current personnel on the Jets’ offense. Teams are going to have no problem double-teaming Decker all game long to take him away because there aren’t many other options capable of beating you. Ebron will change that. He has all of the tools to become a top pass-catching tight end. And explosive receiving tight ends are difficult to game plan against both due to their freakish physical skills and their ability to line up in multiple spots."

Our resident draft guru Dan Kadar had this to say on our decision to select Ebron

Finally, this mock draft's long-standing nightmare is over. In most mock draft scenarios, Ebron is rightfully gone long before the Jets pick. But if he's on the board, this is a classic "run the pick to the podium" choice. Ebron has the type of skill set that can transform an offense, whether he's lined up on the line or split out in the slot. Straight away, Ebron will be one of the most athletic tight ends in the NFL with the ball in his hands.