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Scouting The Draft: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State

We continue to look at some of the top prospects for the 2014 NFL draft in relation to the Jets.



Bradley Roby is a little bit of a polarizing figure. Some fans absolutely love him, they think he's a top 20 talent with an unbelievable skill-set. Some fans think he is completely over-rated and will bomb in the NFL. I'm a little in-between, I do think he is slightly overrated at this point in his career, but I also think he can go on to have a good career in the NFL.

My main concern with Roby is his attitude. He was arrested for an altercation at a bar in 2013, and charged with misdemeanor battery. Then at the combine he was struggling with the 3-cone drill, having 5 unsuccessful attempts, instead of trying to correct it and put up a time, he walked away from the drill. Many will excuse that, but the combine is one great big interview for these players and he walked away from an important drill.

The combine for me is a little bit of entertainment, I'll never take what I see at the combine and evaluate a player based on that over game-tape.....however walking away is a different kettle of fish to performing poorly. In my mind, it's worse!


Height: 5'11

Weight: 194 lb's

Arms: 31 1/2"

Hands: 10 1/4"

40 Yards: 4.39

Bench: 17

Vertical: 38"5

Broad: 124"

20 yard: 4.04

3 Cone: DNF


Year Tackles For A loss Sacks Interceptions Passes Defended Forced Fumbles
2013 69 2 0 3 13 0
2012 63 2 1 2 19 0
2011 47 3.5 0 3 9 1


  • Excellent straight line speed, one of the quickest corners in the draft
  • Good fluidity, and excellent length.Quick-twitch athlete with good acceleration.
  • Good transition from back-pedal, with exceptional change of direction skills.
  • Good quickness allows him to mirror receivers closely, hard to gain separation.
  • Gets up in the receivers face with a very physical nature and confident attitude.
  • Has good ball-skills, with above average ability to go up and get the football.
  • Generally a good reliable tackler when he gets his hands on the receiver.
  • Can play special teams and gets down the field in a hurry as a gunner.
  • Excellent production in terms of pass defences over the last two years.
  • Effort isn't always there, reflected in his combine incident.
  • Can sometimes dive at the feet of receivers and can be juked in the open-field.
  • Gambles a lot and it often doesn't pay dividends.
  • Focuses on the QB too much and that can cause him to get beat deep far too often.
  • Will bite too often on play-action and double moves.
  • Doesn't always have the best timing, not natural instincts.
  • Doesn't always take the best angles to the football, losing the outside corner on more than one occasion.

I'm going to be honest and say I found Roby a really hard prospect to evaluate. Which is why I've been looking at him on and off for the best part of 5 months now and only feel confident putting this up now. On one hand, he can be superb. He can be the best player and most fluid athlete on the field. On the other hand, he can look very poor, he can be beat underneath or in behind. However although I think he'll take a year or two to really bed into the NFL but when and if he gets his head straight, he'll be a good corner. A guy with his length and his speed, you may well have to take a chance if he fell to you.

Would I draft him for the Jets?

At #18, not a chance. He has far too many weaknesses to be considered a first round talent in my opinion. The Jets took him out for dinner, but with some character concerns surrounding him, I'm not that surprised. If he fell to us in the second round, I would be more than happy with us taking him. A quick-twitch athlete like this in the second round at an area of need that we know Rex really values, I think it would be hard to turn down.