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Scouting The 2014 Draft: Combo Mock 3.0

What a horrible season it's going to be. All is lost. Idzik's lack of action will doom us in the end. Calm down people. Building a team is a marathon not a sprint. Free agency is great for filling a few holes, but the future of a team lies in how well they draft. Drafting well will keep us hydrated with cheap talent that will become a strong base to build off of. Drew (@DrewfromJersey) and I, have come together once again to pick the young lads we want. Enjoy!

Ronald Martinez

Round 1

Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

6'4" - 273 Pounds - 4.74 40

Drew and I had a hard time with this pick. We were very tempted to go back to Odell Beckham, Jr. for the first pick, or even go with Darqueze Dennard. In the end, we decided to go a different rout. Even though Beckham would be a perfect fit across from Eric Decker, this draft is very deep in receiving options. Eric Ebron and Dennard would also be perfect for us, but will probably be gone. Picking Ealy might not be the most popular pick, but it would do wonders for our defense. Ealy is one of my favorite pass rushers in the draft. He gets to the QB very quickly for a guy his size, with an average of 3.38 seconds. That makes him faster than Anthony Barr, Dee Ford, Khalil Mack and Jadeveon Clowney, where it really counts. Our front 7 is already very strong, but our secondary is seemingly very weak. The New York Giants proved that a great secondary isn't needed if you have a pass rush to make up for it. Without that presence rushing the QB from the edge, our front 7 won't make the leap needed. Ealy can give us this presence on the edge.

Mock 1.0 pick: Odell Beckham, Jr., WR, LSU

Mock 2.0 pick: Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech

Round 2

Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

6'3" - 212 Pounds - 4.46 40

Our receiving core is better with the addition of Decker, but is still not complete. We need a presence on the other side. I had two big concerns going into the combine with Matthews. The first was his speed. He made me feel a little better about that with his sub 4.5 40 time. I was also a bit worried about his hands. He had a drop rate of about 7.69%. Anything over 7 is a bit high for a receiver. He will need to improve in this area to ever be a real threat. His size, and ability to run wild after the catch make him a talent that would be more than welcome to our offense.

Mock 1.0 pick: C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa

Mock 2.0 pick: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Round 3

Terrence Brooks, S, Florida State

5'11" - 198 Pounds - 4.42 40

As mentioned before, our secondary isn't exactly a bright spot. It doesn't seem like Ed Reed will be back, and even if he did come back, he isn't a very good starting option anymore. Brooks has the instincts to make a big impact in our defense. Terrence has very good range, and versatility. He has the ability to cover slot guys and even TEs. At 5'11" he isn't the biggest guy, but he makes up for it with his gritty play, and ability to make plays. Our problems in our secondary can't be fixed with only one addition, but Brooks would be a great start.

Mock 1.0 pick: Deone Bucannon, S, Washington State

Mock 2.0 pick: Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin

Round 4

C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa

6'5" - 265 Pounds - 4.76 40

Jeff Cumberland has been resigned, and that's great and all, but we need someone else who can be more of a complete TE. I am not going to rely on Cumberland to ever be a great in-line blocker. C.J. on the other hand can step into that roll, and flourish. At Iowa, he played in a very run heavy offense. A lot of his success came from blocking. This doesn't mean it's all he can do. He has shown that he is very capable of being a receiver as well. He has above AVG hands for a TE, and knows how to use his big body to get leverage.

Mock 1.0 pick: Ryan Groy, G, Wisconsin

Mock 2.0 pick: Ryan Groy, G, Wisconsin

Round 4

Jordan Tripp, OLB/ILB, Montana

6'3" - 234 Pounds - 4.67 40

We can always improve our team speed on defense, and Jordan Tripp can absolutely add to that. He plays very fast and aggressive. David Harris might no be around for much longer, and Demario Davis is still young, and gaining experience. Calvin Pace was also brought back, but he isn't getting any younger. We can use an infusion of youth and talent in our LBing core. There are some areas he can improve upon though. He is so aggressive, that sometimes he runs himself out of making a play.  Rex and the gang, can help control his aggression, and use it to becomes a very efficient playmaker for us.

Mock 1.0 pick: No Pick

Mock 2.0 pick: No Pick

Round 4

Jalen Saunders, WR, Oklahoma

5'9" - 165 Pounds - 4.45 40

We can always use more playmakers on our offense. Decker and Matthews can be our X and Z receivers. Nelson and hill can back them up. This leaves Jeremy Kerley as our Y receiver, and no backup. Saunders can step in and fill this spot immediately. Saunders might be a bit undersized, but their is no denying his production for the Sooner's offense. He finished 2013 with 61 receptions for 729 yards and eight touchdowns. He had a decent combine to boot.

Mock 1.0 pick: No Pick

Mock 2.0 pick: No Pick

Round 5

Terrance Mitchell, CB, Oregon

5'11" - 192 Pounds - 4.63 40

I for one don't think our CB situation is all that dire. Dee Milliner looked very strong down the stretch in 2013. I could see him making a big leap in 2014. Dimitri Patterson can come and play on the other side. He can be effective as an outside CB as well as a nickel CB. Walls is another name that I like. He showed a lot of good last year in his limited playing time. I can see him improving his game as well in a relief spot. This brings me to Mitchell... Despite his slow 40, this kid has a lot of skills, and room to grow. Only Dennard had better stats going against the deep ball. I think with some time in Rex's D, he can blossom into a very good NFL CB. If we can find that cutthroat edge rusher, everyone in the secondary gets instantly better.

Mock 1.0 pick: Dri Archer, WR/RB, Kent State

Mock 2.0 pick: Dri Archer, WR/RB, Kent State

Round 6

Ryan Groy, G/T, Wisconsin

6'5" - 320 Pounds - 5.10 40

I have been banging the drum for Groy all offseason. All I see when I watch tape of this guy, is him opening up huge holes for the Badgers, or keeping his QB clean. The Jets have already shown some interest in Groy at the East Wast game. Willie Colon was brought back, but is an old injury concern. Winters can still redeem himself, but he was the worst O-linemen we had last year. We can absolutely benefit from bringing in more G talent. Groy has also shown that he can play tackle as well. I love versatility along the line.

Mock 1.0 pick: T.J. Jones, WR, Notre Dame

Mock 2.0 pick: James Morris, OLB/ILB, Iowa

Round 6

Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon

6'4" - 242 Pounds - 4.61 40

If we were looking at physicality, and talent alone, Lyeria could be a 1st rounder. Alas, it isn't, and he won't be. His off-field issues will surely keep him low on team's boards. He could very well go undrafted. We don't think he will though. There will be some team that takes a late round flyer on him. Why not the Jets? If Rex and the gang can straighten him out, it would be an incredible steal.

Mock 1.0 pick: No Pick

Mock 2.0 pick: No Pick

Round 6

Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech

6'6" - 248 Pounds - 4.61 40

This isn't a pick for a guy who we believe will be a steal. We see Logan Thomas as a guy who will need to sit and be developed. He has the size and the arm to be an NFL QB, but lacks accuracy and proper decision making. These are all things that can be ironed out, but will take time. If he is still on the board here, we would love to bring him in and see how he grows.

Mock 1.0 pick: No Pick

Mock 2.0 pick: No Pick

Round 6

Matt Patchan, OT, Boston College

6'6" - 302 Pounds - 4.97 40

I don't think we can go wrong with some extra O-line depth. Patchan has no shortage of raw ability, but has had a rough go of things. On the field Matt is a very competitive athlete, who has a lot of potential. He will need to hit the weight room, and hone his craft, but there is absolutely something for the coaches to work with. Off the field, things take a weird turn. He has gotten into two scooter accidents, and was shot in a drive-by shooting. I don't believe he was under the influence, or was the intended target in either of those events. This guy needs a break. Maybe we can give him one.

Mock 1.0 pick: No Pick

Mock 2.0 pick: No Pick

Round 7

James Morris, OLB/ILB, Iowa

6'2" - 230 Pounds - 4.80 40

The late rounds are all about depth, projects and diamonds in the rough. James Morris could fall into the diamond in the rough category. Morris had a great 4 year career for Iowa. In his final 2 years, he amassed 220 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 5 INTs and 27 tackles for a loss. James can be molded into a solid depth option with the possibility of more. Rex would find a way to use this guy to his advantage.

Mock 1.0 pick: James Morris, OLB/ILB, Iowa

Mock 2.0 pick: Shaq Barrett, OLB/DE, Colorado State