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Report: Eric Decker To Wear #87 For New York Jets

It is being reported that Eric Decker has agreed to pay for his number.

Scott Boehm

If you have been holding off grabbing your Eric Decker jersey due to the number negotiations with Tight End Jeff Cumberland, then we have some good news.

It has been widely reported that Decker has agreed to pay Cumberland $25,000 and pay for a steak dinner to ensure he can continue his career as #87.

For all you Cumberland fans, it has been announced he will switch to #85 for the 2014 season, so go ahead and get those jerseys on pre-order.

Decker has of course worn number 87 for four years now since being drafted by the Denver Broncos. Cumberland on the other hand wore number 87 for just one year while with the Jets. Previously he wore #86.