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Exclusive: NFL Free Agent WR DeSean Jackson Gang Video

Exclusive video evidence of WR DeSean Jackson's gang activity.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

We have all been wondering and speculating exactly why the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to cut ties with WR DeSean Jackson. We thought that the New York Jets would jump at the chance to sign D-Jax, but GM John Idzik has been reluctant. Well, to paraphrase The Dude, new stuff has come to light.

Gang Green Nation has acquired an exclusive gang video of the controversial player. Hurry and watch the video before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell comes to destroy the evidence:

In light of this recent revelation, would Gang Green be smart to pursue him? Will any team ever sign this troubled young man? We may never know.

Well, there's no use worrying so just enjoy this first day of April, everyone!