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Maurice Jones-Drew Of Interest To The Jets?

Manish had a final note tonight and that relates to the Jaguars RB and him being a "person of interest" to the Jets

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Final one for the night, I'm sure some of these guys throw out names left right and centre knowing we'll write more than  a 140 character tweet on them.

According to Manish, Maurice Jones-Drew is a person of interest to the Jets. Is that serious interest? due-diligence interest? or just that they find him enthralling? we simply don't know but we'll look anyway.

It is being reported by several outlets in Florida that the soon to be 29 year old will receive a 2 year deal from Jacksonville. Any team willing to tag on a third year will have the edge when it comes to contract negotiations.

2014 will be the 9th season of Jones-Drew's career, all of which have been spent with Jacksonville. After an injury hit 2012, Maurice rushed for his lowest YPC in his career in 2013, with many suggesting that he was still feeling the affects of his injury.

A lifetime 4.5 YPC man, Jones-Drew has been one of the best running backs over the last 8 years, in total he has rushed for 8,071 yards and 68 touchdowns, while catching for 2,873 yards and 11 touchdowns.

With over 1,800 rushing attempts in the NFL, is there any life left in the tires? I happen to think there is. In 2012 he experienced an injury to his left foot, and wasn't immediately placed on IR which was a mistake.  In 2013 he played on a terrible team and looked to be still feeling the injury. However now with a full off-season recovery and potentially a new team, it could breath some new life into what is a fantastic career.

Reports suggest that a 3 year deal with the first year offering $4 million may seal the deal. Would you be willing to offer that up? Is Ivory, Powell and Jones-Drew something that would interest you?