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Dolphins Safety Chris Clemons On Jets Radar

Manish mentioned Whitner, but he also mentioned Clemons as a possible safety the Jets will kick the tires on.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Does Manish have insider sources or is he putting two and two together? who know's! However he did report this evening that the Jets had soon to be Dolphins free agent safety Chris Clemons on their radar.

It's encouraging to hear the Jets being linked with so many safeties, we have largely ignored this position for a long time and at some point we were going to have to address it, I look at teams like Seattle and San Francisco and I have safety envy. You know I love me a good safety.

So Clemons is next up on the radar, a man who can certainly cover with the best of them, but his tackling leaves a little to be desired. Ranked as the 19th best safety last year, his coverage stats were actually very good. Only 2 touchdowns allowed, 1 interception, 6 pass defences, 82 YAC and just over a 50% completion percentage into his coverage. Similar to Byrd and Whitner.

However then you come to his run defense. Rated as a -3.6 by PFF, that puts him 72 out of 86 safeties. Unfortunately 14 missed tackles will do it. When I watched Clemons I got that feeling, if the ball was in the air, he was probably getting the stop, if a receiver had it in his hands, he was a very unreliable last line of defense. One thing I preach about safeties, angles, angles, angles and sometimes he takes some shocking ones.

However you simply can't forget that overall despite his run problems, he was ranked as the 19th best safety. Earl Thomas a guy I love, was ranked at -3.2 for his run defense but his 11.1 rating in coverage says it all. He's an outstanding cover safety.

So if Byrd is looking at $10 mill or around that number, and Whitner is likely looking at around $8 mill, can Clemons be had for around $5-6 mill per. Perhaps. What do you think? Does that weaken a division rival while strengthening ourselves.