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Antonio Cromartie Has Been Cut

Al Bello

There are reports that Antonio Cromartie has been cut. According to the man himself:

The move will save $9.5 million in cap savings. That brings the New York Jets total available cap space to around $31.5 million. This move, although long expected, is bitter sweet. Cromartie elevated his play while with the team, especially last year, and suffered from serious injuries this season. Despite that, he continued to play his heart out with the team.

It's also a little sad for me because I came to GangGreenNation when I heard about the team trading for Cromartie, so it's the end of an era. We know how much the team meant to Cromartie, as they gave him salary advances to help pay his child support, and helped him mature as a person, giving him the resources necessary to financially plan out the rest of his life and not blow it like most players.

Although I'm glad to see the cap savings, and I was expecting this move, it's still sad for me. We'll miss you, Antonio.