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Jets Wining & Dining Bradley Roby - All Over Him

According to Tony Pauline, the Jets are showing a lot of interest in Bradley Roby

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we confirmed that the Jets had accepted the reality that they were probably not going to be able to select Sammy Watkins, he just wouldn't be there. Last night Tony Pauline reported the Jets had shown a lot of interest in Ohio State Bradley Roby.

Can confirm the New York Jets had dinner with Bradley Roby last night..Chip Kelly also on hand at Ohio State pro-day..

New York Jets all over Bradley Roby at Ohio State pro day...

This is quite interesting, I'm sure the Jets will be "all over" a lot of prospects at their respective pro days. However when a team takes the time to meet with a player afterwards it usually is a good indicator that they have significant interest in selecting him.

We haven't done a report on Roby yet, but as I've just watched a lot of Ohio State for Ryan Shazier, we'll have a report up on him over the next few days. You have the top tier cornerback prospects in Gilbert and Dennard and then you have the next tier. Players like Roby, Fuller, Roberson and Jason Verrett.

Roby is an interesting prospect, he was suspended to start 2014 for some legal problems in the Summer, and he was ejected against Iowa for losing his cool. He had some good games and he had some terrible games, he played some physical football but got smoked for some big touchdowns this season.

His 2012 tape says he's a first round prospect, his 2013 tape says he is a 2nd-3rd round prospect. I like his physicality, and I like his short area quickness to knock away those quick slant passes. However I watched the game against Cali and Northwestern and in both of those games, he got burned deep on 50+ yard plays, and not just once either.

He'll be a player to watch, he has a ton of potential, he just needs to put it all together. It depends on the round, but lets just say he's not my favourite prospect in this draft.